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Las Vegas' first 

Board Game Cafe

What's with the name Meepleville?

Meeple is a combination of the words "my" and "people". It's also used to describe the pieces used in many of the modern style games. It looks like this:







Ville is a french word meaning "town".

What's a Board Game Cafe?

A Board Game Cafe is a concept that is becoming extremely popular in North America. The basic idea is to bring back everyone's favorite pastime of playing board games, face to face in a friendly environment, while offering a variety of drinks and tasty snacks. We have a library of over 2000 games that are available to play at a nominal fee. We'll also show you how to play many of our titles. So come and play for an hour or three!

So......what's the deal?

Meepleville is very unique, so we get that question all the time. We have seating for over 100 people to play and learn games. If you want to come in and play board games or participate in our daily events, then you pay a nominal fee of $10 and you can stay and play all day. We'll also make sure you have a great time by having our Game Gurus recommend and teach you some of the games from the library.


With that being said, we are also a board game store. We sell and demo all of the latest and greatest games and have one of the largest inventories in Las Vegas. If you want to come in and browse our retail section, or see some of the games on display, then there is no charge and you're welcome to browse as long as you like.

And we have a cafe! We serve delicious sandwiches, snacks, pizza, smoothies, beer & wine.


We'll also offer memberships for those who feel they'll be spending a lot of time at the cafe. For more information please inquire at the front counter.

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